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lessons you must know10 SMART Valuation Lessons You Must Know

(and how you value a business)

  • What is enterprise value?
  • How are one-off expenses treated in valuations?
  • Do you need to assess market value or investment value?
  • How do you value a business that owns property or other types of assets?

At some point all business owners will be faced with the question:

How much is my business worth (or how much should I really pay for this business)?

How confident you are in answering this questions will depend on:

  • How prepared you are.
  • How well you understand the intricacies of valuation.

You risk losing thousands or millions of dollars in making the wrong decisions if you don’t understand the valuation process.

We come across many common mistakes and misconceptions when discussing valuations, so we have put the most frequently discussed lessons into our latest whitepaper:

Valuation 101: 10 SMART Lessons You Must Know about business valuation.

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