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10 SMART Ways to Exit Your Business

10 Ways to Exit Your Business(and how you can afford it)

  • Who will buy your business?
  • How can they buy your business?
  • Can your business afford to pay you out?
  • How does a business valuation give you the answers?

At some point all business owners will be faced with the question:

How do I leave this business and get the value I have created?

Ultimately a business owner has only TWO choices when it comes to their future in the business:
•  Sell – either the business itself or the shares in the business.
•  Shut it down.

To get the value you have worked hard to create you need to sell the business – somehow. But there is more than one way to achieve this.

In fact, we know there are at 10 ways you can exit your business.

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We also show how you can decide which exit strategy is the best for your business and suggest ways the business can afford to pay you out.

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