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29 Nov

What does the valuation include or exclude? How do you calculate the value of a business? What information do you need to get the most appropriate answer? Most people think the value of a business is some magic number times the profit of the business – and it in some case that is correct.  But

20 Oct

How can a company be worth $1?

In a recent announcement Virgin has acquired the remaining 40% share of Tigerair Australia for the princely sum of  AUS$1 – and many of you would be wondering “why on earth bother?” and “how is 40% worth $1 when almost two years ago it purchases 60% for $35m?”. The answer to the second question emphasises

17 Oct

A recent speech by one of the RBA’s deputies (Guy Debelle) provided a complicated sentence that sums up the current issues facing many business owners – the impact of uncertainty on the value of a business. “The relative stability of macroeconomic outcomes might be delivering a little more stability in the numerator in investors’ calculation

20 Sep

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released its Innovation in Australian Business report for 2012/2013 last week and it showed some interesting results of the 770,000 businesses surveyed: Around one third had introduced some form of innovation in the FY13 year. 20% had introduced new or significantly improved goods or services and or organisational / managerial processes. 42%

30 Jul

Most insolvencies are SME businesses

A recent news report (Small businesses face biggest insolvency risk: Study) highlighted how sensitive SME’s are to risk: More than 80% of company collapses in FY2013 had less than 20 employees. The study also showed that there were four major reasons for SME collapses: Bad strategic management. Cash flow. Lack of profit. Failure to maintain

10 Apr

A Quick Valuation Can Cost You More

How much money would you give away and not expect it back in return?  What would you pay to get the business you really wanted? People go into business for many reasons: Satisfaction of building something substantial. Adding value to customers or clients. Bringing a new idea or invention to market and seeing it grow.

21 Sep

When is a business worthless?

Intuitively we tend to think that a business reporting losses is unlikely to have any value.  There are many small businesses that have experienced losses over the past 2-3 years.  So how have these losses affected the value of your business?  And when is your business “worthless”? A recent public example of this situation was

20 Sep

Be SMART about the value of your business!

In the past a business owner has not had to think too much about the value of their business.  There has been no magical stock exchange that reports “up to the minute” changes in their share price.  It has been up to the owner to discover the value of the business when they go to