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3 Dec

Is it time to sell a business?

Australians are often described (in an affectionate and possibly jovial way) as a nation of gamblers – and I bet you 2-1 odds you have often thought the same thing!  We often wish our timing had been better when we want to: Sell those shares at the top of the cycle. Buy that property 6

17 Oct

“Buy on the way down and sell on the way up” – this is the generic advice you often hear when asked the question when is the best time to buy shares on the stockmarket.  There is an element of “picking winners” and “timing the market” in this advice.  And some people apply the same

10 Apr

What would you pay to get an increase in your market share? What is an increase in profits worth to your business? How do you make strategic investment decisions? Bendigo and Adelaide Bank(BAB) have given an insight as to how “Big Business” answer these questions with an announcement last year about their growth strategy.  BAB

10 Apr

We recently provided a client with a valuation that saved his financial life! This is a bold statement – but our client was prepared to sink in excess of $400,000 into a food franchise business.  On the basis of information we provided, he decided the business was not what he wanted. The client had been