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3 Dec

Is it time to sell a business?

Australians are often described (in an affectionate and possibly jovial way) as a nation of gamblers – and I bet you 2-1 odds you have often thought the same thing!  We often wish our timing had been better when we want to: Sell those shares at the top of the cycle. Buy that property 6

17 Oct

Reliance on Key Customers

As a valuation expert, we often look for the risks and uncertainties in a business to gauge what effect these may have on future cash flows.  One of the key risks is reliance on key customers.  We have seen very extreme differences where one client had 100% of their revenue tied up with one customer

10 Apr

The best time to sell your business is when you can demonstrate the certainty of future cash flows, clarity within your business plans and a lack of reliance on key staff or yourself.  This often takes time to develop – you don’t change your business overnight.  Ideally you should allow yourself up to two years