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Are you in dispute with your business partner?

Business partners sometimes disagree

Most business partners will have a dispute at some point – and sometimes that dispute will mean the partners (or shareholders or unitholders) will need to part ways.  In many cases this requires one party to buy out the other party – and an independent business valuation ensures this is done in a fair and equitable manner.

Business valuations related to commercial disputes are basically the same as any other business valuation, but often require a greater level of documentation to demonstrate fairness and impartiality.  Interviews are often conducted with all parties involved to get the balance right.

Key issues that often need greater analysis in dispute valuations can include:

  • What is the appropriate valuation date?
  • Is the business being valued as a “going concern” or is it under financial stress?
  • Is fair value or market value the appropriate standard of value to be used?
  • What impact does related party items have on the cash flow of the business for valuation purposes?
  • Are there particular assets or liabilities associated with one party and not others?
  • Are there revenue or expense items that are non-operational?
  • Have different classes of assets been valued appropriately (eg business operating assets compared with property assets)?

The emotions of different parties often mean that these key issues are interpreted in different ways.  That is what makes an independent valuation so important – the owners can leave their emotions at the door.

Contact SMART Valuations for an independent dispute business valuation

The best way to achieve a fair, independent valuation in these circumstances is to follow a process that collates and explores the evidence, documents and assesses our findings, and provides clear arguments backed up by research and evidence. SMART Valuations specialises in completing a thorough, impartial business valuation for divorce cases that provides a fair and equitable outcome.

Our dispute business valuations are:

  • Delivered in a fast turnaround.
  • Quoted at a fixed price.
  • Fully documented with supporting evidence.
  • Independent, reliable and accurate.

Don’t let your emotion cloud the value of one of your most important assets.  See how our dispute business valuation can help you resolve the situation.  Get a quote and speak to SMART Valuations today about a dispute business valuation to take the emotion out of the value.