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Our Process

How we provide you with fast, professional business valuations

Business valuation is the art of applying correct methodologies to the right data to arrive at an informed price.  There are a range of valuation methods that can be applied and different methods require different information.  Court-ready or ATO compliant valuations simply require the right presentation of evidence to support the methods and the outcome.

SMART Valuations adopts structured processes to ensure we provide fast business valuation services with consistent and accurate results. Our 7 day turnaround provides you with the results you need, fast.

We have adopted a five stage process that is based on national and international standards and developed over many years of experience in conducting business valuations.

1. Briefing

  • Critical to the correctness and relevance of any valuation is a clear understanding of its scope and circumstances.
  • We ask why the valuation is required, understand the background to your situation and document any relevant information about related parties, transactions or other key facts.

2. Discovery

  • Valuation analysis must be based on credible and appropriate data.  Whilst we do not audit the financial information you provide, we use our experience and our processes to ensure we uncover the information needed to arrive at an appropriate valuation.
  • We not only collate the information we need, but have the experience and knowledge to test the information provided for accuracy, consistency and appropriateness.  Where required we investigate and probe further so there is sufficient evidence to support the valuation outcome.
  • We also research the industry the business operates within, relevant external trends and how these impact the financial outcomes of the business.  It is not just about your numbers.

3. Analysis

  • Valuation requires an understanding of how the business model impacts the financial performance of the business.  Our analysis procedures extract the key drivers of the business that influence the valuation.
  • We have streamlined processes for analysing the information and applying appropriate standard valuation methodologies to the adjusted data.

4. Testing

  • Before arriving at conclusions about the value of a business, we check our assumptions with the client to make sure our understanding is correct.
  • We update our valuations based on any changes to the assumptions or data provided.
  • We undertake quality assurance procedures to check for correctness of transferred data, valid application of methodologies, correctness of calculations and appropriate conclusions.

5. Reporting

  • A valuation is useless unless it can be clearly understood, the calculations can be repeated by others and the evidence supports the conclusions.  Our reports are designed to be clearly understood and meet ATO and court requirements.
  • We provide a briefing to discuss your valuation and any questions you have.

The processes in place to provide you with a fast small business valuation also keep you informed of the progress and enable feedback and clarification on any questions or issues that arise during the valuation.

Whether you’re looking for a fast business valuation for an SME or a larger sized organisation, trust the professionals at SMART Valuations to have your results to you with a rapid 7 day turnaround. Call us on 1800 33 90 42 or submit an enquiry online.