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Are You Preparing to Sell Your Business?

Speak to a consultant to help you sell your small business for the best price

Getting the best price when you are selling your business is all about presenting the right information to tell the story you want.

  • Is there attractive growth in the business?
  • Do the profits support the price you want?
  • Are the financials structured to show the strengths of the business?
  • Are the systems and processes well established and documented?
  • How reliant is the business on the owner or key staff?

A buyer will ask themselves the question: “What is the most I can pay and still get a return from the business?”  A good business valuation from a small business consultant experienced in selling price valuations provides you clear answers to this question and highlights what needs to be changed to get a better price.

When you’re looking for assistance on how to sell a small business and come to us for a selling price valuation, you’ll discover that the process is not just about “running the numbers” into a set formula and seeing what comes out.  It involves understanding the key factors or drivers of your business model and how these impact the valuation.

Our sale valuations consider all these factors and more in arriving at a value range for your business.

Get comprehensive valuation advisory services when looking to sell a small business

Prior to meeting a business broker and saying to them “help me sell my small business!” it’s imperative that you consult a SMART Valuations advisory specialist about a selling price valuation. A detailed valuation will allow you to:

  • Present a clear and reasoned argument as to why your business is worth what you want for it.
  • Communicate how the business will benefit the buyer and what return the buyer is likely to get.
  • Attract a premium price for your business.
  • Speed up the due diligence process.

Our business valuations are:

  • Fully documented with different cash flow scenarios.
  • Independent, reliable and accurate.
  • Delivered in a fast 7 day turnaround.
  • Quoted at a fixed price.

Find out exactly what you get when you receive a small business valuation and don’t risk losing money on the most important asset you will own. Protect the wealth you have built in your business by speaking to a SMART Valuations small business consultant today.