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Do You Need a Valuation for Tax Purposes?

  • Have you recently bought or sold a business and need to determine the likely capital gains tax?
  • Do you have a business-related stamp duty or tax audit or tax compliance issue?
  • Have you restructured the ownership of your business and need to substantiate the valuations?
  • Do you need to substantiate the value of a transaction to a related party to small business tax audit purposes?

The ATO is becoming increasingly focused on making sure SME business owners pay their “fair share” of tax.  This push on small business tax compliance means that the ATO wants any reported claims to be verified with evidence.  Our business valuations help you meet those evidence requirements.

In many cases a tax bill, such as capital gains tax, can be reduced if you plan ahead.  Tax planning for small business helps make sure you meet small business tax compliance requirements and avoid unnecessary time and costs during a small business tax audit.

Whether you have an upcoming ATO tax audit for your small business, need to support reported claims or wish to plan ahead, our valuations are conducted in conjunction with tax experts and your accountant to get the best result for you.

Our formal business valuations meet a range of reporting requirements, including:

  • ATO Market Valuation Guidelines.
  • ASIC requirements for substantiation of reporting items such as goodwill and share value.
  • AVCAL Guidelines for Valuation of Private Equity.

We understand the nuances of tax law, tax legislation and ATO rulings that ensure you can plan for the future and only pay the tax that you are entitled to pay.

See what our business valuation quote covers and ask our specialists how our valuations for tax purposes can help you and your accountant pay only the tax you’re required to pay.