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Is Your Business Part of Your Divorce?

Leave emotion at the door when you’re taking care of business

Are you starting a divorce or in the middle of a divorce and need to know the value of a business?

Business valuations for divorce reasons are predominantly undertaken in the same manner as any other business valuation, but often have a different perspective. These can include:

  • What is the appropriate valuation date?
  • Is the business being valued as a “going concern” or as one that is principally providing an income?
  • What is the standard of value at which it is being assessed – fair value, market value, asset value or some other standard?
  • What impact does related party items have on the cash flow of the business for valuation purposes?

Family businesses often have private assets held on the Balance Sheet or there are a range of legitimate expenses recorded against the Profit & Loss Statement that might not always be present in different circumstances.  The contributions of each party must also be incorporated into a business valuation in a fair and equitable manner.

Contact SMART Valuations for an independent business valuation in divorce

The best way to achieve a fair, independent valuation in these circumstances is to follow a process that collates and explores the evidence, documents and assesses our findings, and provides clear arguments backed up by research and evidence. SMART Valuations specialises in completing a thorough, impartial business valuation for divorce cases that provides a fair and equitable outcome.

Our business valuations for divorce proceedings are:

  • Delivered in a fast 7 day turnaround.
  • Quoted at a fixed price.
  • Fully documented with supporting evidence.
  • Independent, reliable and accurate.

Don’t let your emotion cloud the value of one of your most important assets. See what you receive with our small business valuation quote and speak to SMART Valuations today about a business valuation for divorce to take the emotion out of the value.