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Is Your Business in Financial Stress?

  • Is your business experiencing tight cash flow or financial stress?
  • Has an administrator or liquidator been appointed to your business?
  • Is a business valuation required for creditors, shareholders or other stakeholders?

Serious small business financial matters can be the turning or breaking point for any SME. During times of financial stress, one of the key considerations is the value of the business as a going concern compared to the liquidation value.

It can impact the decisions that liquidators, creditors and finance providers make and mean the difference between a fresh start or recovering what is left. Business valuation financial matters are what SMART Valuations specialises in; we can help you understand exactly where you stand.

A valuation for an insolvent small business can assist with business restructuring, facilitate investment processes or help you get the necessary funding from financial institutions to keep the business going or to assist in its restructure.

An insolvency business valuation for a small business doesn’t just look at the past numbers. We research and understand your business model and consider the value of “the parts” of the business that others may find of interest.

In some cases, a well-structured business valuation will support applications for finance to shareholders, investors and other financial institutions and may provide a path out of insolvency.  These stakeholders often look for detailed cash flow projections that show how the business will support continued investment.

Our valuations for insolvent small businesses are:

  • Fully documented with detailed cash flow projections.
  • Independent, reliable and accurate.
  • Delivered in a fast 7 day turnaround.
  • Quoted at a fixed price.

Get informed advice from SMART Valuations on how to restructure your business for the future and how it can support further investment.  A business valuation can provide clear answers when financial matters cloud the future. See what you get with our business valuation quote and talk to one of our experts today!